Simple as giving a hug, listening or putting on a band-aid. Bible Seed Ministry ministers to children in the following ways

Bible Clubs

Seed Bible Clubs are started by people who love the Lord and want children to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior. Clubs leaders meet 11/2 hours a week with a group of children in their own community to teach them a Bible Lesson, sing songs, and play games. Many children who do not or cannot go to church will come to a Bible Club to learn about Jesus. They then take the Good News back into the home. Christ enters the home through the children and brings the entire family into a love relationship with him. Teach diamond butler is the Seed Bible Club Overseer as well as being the Training Supervisor. Diamond Butler ministers to each of the Zone Leaders and Club Leaders as he visits the clubs. The children know their Club Leader is a friend and someone they know they can always seek for help. Periodically, Bible Club Conferences are held to provide on-going training for the Club Leaders as well as time for fellowship, testimonies and encouragement. This training offers suggestions for teaching and reviewing Bible lessons, new songs, new games and health/sanitation ideas they can teach the children.


Joyful Sowers

The Joyful Sowers are ministry teams that enter the public & private schools, villages and other areas to creatively provide a Gospel message appropriate for the location and audience. leads the Joyful Sower Teams as they go into schools to give children a moral Bible Lesson. Each child is given a small coloring page with the Bible story on the back to keep.


Children’s Crusades

Children’s Crusades are conducted using concerts, dramas, puppets and other unique presentation styles. Each Child’s Crusade is timed to occur as school ends. Parents are also invited to come. These have been very successful with many children returning for additional counseling. Meanwhile, the parents are also hearing the Gospel and receive counseling as they wait for their children.


Mission Camps

Mission Camps are held several times a year for the 18-25 year olds who have successfully progressed through the Bible Clubs. Timothy leads these camps that encourage these young men and women to actively live out their faith. They spend 3 days training in evangelism and how to share the name of Jesus then go on a 3 day mission trip.